Guide for Hire

If you’re looking for adventure or bespoke training, let us help you! is offering guided treks and bespoke training in and around the most beautiful parts of the UK including the Chiltern Hills, Cotswolds, Dartmoor and beyond. Each year we also offer trips to Sweden; one winter/spring trip and one spring/summer.

By offering you single and multi-day trips with a guide who will plan and navigate the routes for you, you’re left with the chance to fully enjoy the adventure, knowing that you have somebody who will support you and keep you safe every step of the way. On a multi-day trip we will also arrange accommodation from campsites and bunkhouses to some nice and comfortable hotels and B&Bs, but if you are feeling particularly adventurous, we’ll even try a spot of wild camping for the ultimate outdoor adventure.

To take the first step of your adventure, please provide details of your request below:

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?

From £100.00* per person per day for the guide plus additional applicable costs (to cover accommodation for example). These additional costs are all explained in each trip description as well as when you enquire about a trip.

This might sound like a lot but it also includes the preparation and planning of your trip as well as the guides expertise.

Guide hire price does vary due to group size:

1-2 individuals: £200 

+£20 per person up to maximum of 6

​Overnight camping and backpacking +£30/day

Sweden trips will be a maximum of 4 nights and 5 days starting from £135.00 per day per person and does not include flights

Could I do it solo?

Yes of course, we’re happy to arrange one to one trips!

Could I do it as a group booking?

Absolutely. We have a maximum ratio of 1 guide to 6 people. As a rule the groups will be capped at 6 unless we can rope in another guide to assist.

I’m not sure of our group size numbers yet – does that matter?

Absolutely not. There is a maximum of 6 people per guide on these trips. As long as we know 2 weeks in advance how many people we can expect on the trip, then there isn’t a problem. Understandably, for accommodation, we need to know group size at least 2 weeks prior to the trip.

Can I do one of your trips for charity?

Of course you can, we’re more than happy the help you on your money raising mission

Can I bring my dog?

Yes and no. Some trips are absolutely dog friendly but, for some (mountain trips) we recommend that you do not bring your dog. Some of these trips might require your undivided attention for your own and your dog’s safety.

Do you have documents to support your qualifications etc.?

Of course, our qualifications, insurance documents, first aid certificates and enhanced DBS certificate is available upon request

Can you provide bespoke trips?

Yes we can. We are more than happy to work with you to create your bespoke trip. Due to our busy calendar, if our guide is unavailable to meet your desired request then we will reach out to our network of fully qualified and friendly guides to try and match you up with the perfect person for your adventure.

What is the cancellation policy?

Depending on the notice you give us, we will arrange a refund for you. Please be aware that the percentage of the refund depends on the notice we receive.

6 weeks before trip: 75% refund

4 weeks before trip: 50% refund

2 weeks or less before trip: 0% refund

If we have to cancel the trip due to bad weather or other problems outside of our control, you will be offered a new date first before receiving a refund based on the following timescales:

6 weeks before trip: 100% refund

4 weeks before trip: 50% refund

2 weeks or less before trip: 25% refund

Due to the planning involved for your trip the guide’s work starts much earlier than the day of the event.

For our full cancellation policy, please see here