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The Navigation Courses are a mix of various courses hosted by a qualified navigation instructor aimed to equip you with the most important skills needed to navigate the hills, forests, moors and mountains confidently and safely.

The Blog is where you’ll find all of our misadventures, explorations and general thoughts. You’ll find some new articles being added here all year round!

The Community Campfire is a particularly special section of the site dedicated to anybody who has something to share with the world. You can share your own adventures, recipes, general outdoor knowledge, your favourite activity and anything else you could possibly think of! This area provides you with an opportunity to find other like-minded souls who share this love of the outdoors. You might even find a new hobby or interest you hadn’t even considered before. Just click here to find out more!

The Podcast is the newest part of the intothesticks.life venture. It contains (or will) general ramblings to myself but also conversations with inspirational people from varying backgrounds and experiences; discussing the importance of getting outdoors to explore and engage with the wild world around us.

In Conversation With… is where you will find the collection of conversations mentioned above, they are also available to stream on a number of sites including Spotify and also as videos on YouTube.

Social Media is the best way to keep up to date with what’s happening, any plans being made and any other exciting news which doesn’t make it to this site. Instagram is where the majority of the action happens and keep in touch with us on Facebook for more updates. We have started a series of ‘In Conversation with…’ episodes on YouTube where we chat with a variety of inspirational people about the importance of getting outside and exploring the world – these are also available as a podcast over here and on Spotify too. Just follow the links below:

So make yourself at home, explore the site and enjoy!