Intothesticks.life: The Origin Story

Here at intothesticks.life our mission is to encourage everybody to get outside and engage with the wild world around them…but we can’t do it alone and that’s where you come in.

That’s not the whole story though and certainly not where this all began…

Intothesticks.life was set up during an extremely tough time in my life as just a medium for me to record my adventures, thoughts and experiences about the wild world; something for me to read back in years to come – like a journal. But it soon became so much more than that.

I originally shared on social media an article I wrote after a surreal ‘camping’ trip in Scotland (featured in The Blog) as I thought it was quite amusing and I thought the guys who were also on the trip with me would also appreciate it.

Very quickly it became apparent that many other people appreciated too it and wanted to hear more…

Read about our Scotland trip here

Intothesticks.life combines the two main passions in my life. The great outdoors and writing. My earliest memories as a small child are of great walks in the countryside and 30 years later I’m still out there, exploring, learning and engaging with the wild world around me.

Since I was able to hold a pencil I’ve loved putting words together to tell a story, whether creatively or informatively, so being able to write about the great outdoors and those little adventures is one of the greatest things I could do.

My love for adventure and the outdoors led me to eventually join Lowland Rescue as part of Search Dogs Buckinghamshire where I am also the lead navigation instructor as well as being a National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) course director, running my own navigation courses – helping others access the world of adventure safely and well informed.

You’re not necessarily going to find stories of somebody courageously climbing the tallest mountain in the world, fighting off tigers in the jungle and abseiling into some snake-filled abyss, I like to think my articles are a little more down to earth and relatable. You’re more likely to find stories about eating flapjack in the freezing rain, drying my underpants over a campfire or getting a bit sunburnt in the mountains instead.

From such a simple, personal, journal idea, intothesticks.life has become a space to connect other like minded people through The Community Campfire.

The Community Campfire is still a remarkably simple concept but now one of my most favourite parts of the site. It acts as an area everybody can come to share their outdoor passions. It’s the digital version of sitting around a campfire and having a chat. The main goal is to bring together a great collection of people with different skills, stories and experiences to help persuade, inspire or ‘influence’ people to get their boots on and take a walk in the wild. From the Community Campfire we’ve also introduced The intothesticks.life Podcast where get the opportunity to talk to these inspirational people about their lives in the great outdoors.

If just one person finds this site, reads an article and thinks ‘you know what? I’m going for a walk,’ then my job is done.

What else could I want?

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