Community Campfire

Paul Kirtley

‘Be realistic not romantic’

Paul Kirtley

Originally a student and then colleague of Ray Mears as part of the Woodlore team, Paul gained a huge amount of experience and knowledge which he then used as a launch pad to develop and grow as an instructor and leader in his own business, Frontier Bushcraft. As well as an enormous amount of knowledge and skill, Paul offers a vast range of courses from plant and tree identification to multiday canoe expeditions across the world. He has risen to the top and is now one of the leading bushcraft experts and teachers in the UK – if not the world.

As well as getting to know Paul a little better, we discuss the importance of getting outside, managing a business and life based around the great outdoors, the impact of social media and how it can be a useful tool for encouraging others to get outside and engage with the natural world around them.

You can find more from Paul here:

Frontier Bushcraft

Paul Kirtley blog

Youtube / Instagram / Facebook

Don’t forget! This is also a Podcast and can be found here as well as most podcast streaming services.

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