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The Podcast features conversations with various inspirational people from a whole range of different backgrounds and experiences; discussing the importance of getting outside to explore the wild world we live in.


In Conversation With… Paul Kirtley.

In this episode I chat to Paul Kirtley – the incredibly knowledgeable bushcraft expert, instructor, guide, author and creator of Frontier Bushcraft.

As well as getting to know Paul a little better, we discuss the importance of getting outside, managing a business and life based around the great outdoors, the impact of social media and how it can be a useful tool for encouraging others to get outside and engage with the natural world around them. 

You can also find Paul over here:  

Paul Kirtley Blog / Frontier Bushcraft / Paul Kirtley YouTube Channel

Episode 4

A little bit about the Community Campfire.

I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the Community Campfire. Simple as that!

Episode 3

In Conversation With… Sean ‘Shug’ Emery.

I was lucky enough to speak to Sean Emery (possibly the nicest man ever and my new best friend) in what feels, at times, like a very candid and personal conversation. Almost a therapy session for all involved – this is a long one but totally worth the listen.

I chat with Sean (known as Shug to most) about life outdoors – but we also touch on: being a clown, prison, chocolate bars, faith, spirituality, alcoholism, introverts and extroverts, UFOs, Big Foot and so so so much more. You can catch Shug over on YouTube – just search Shug Emery, you will not be disappointed.

Music featured: John Hardy performed by Sean Emery, Laura Walker and company


A little bit about

I thought I should tell you about the origins of and how getting outdoors helped me. Walk with me and listen to me ramble on:

(due to having to adjust the levels, it’s a little ‘buzzy’ (I’m still learning) just turn it down on your device)

Episode 1

In Conversation With… Benedict Allen

Author, explorer, environmentalist, film-maker, international motivational speaker.
Benedict Allen is the only person known to have crossed the Amazon Basin at its widest and his catalogue of adventures also include the first documented journey of the length of the Namib Desert and being the only person known to have crossed the full width of the Gobi with camels alone. Arguably no one alive has lived so long isolated and alone in so many potentially hostile remote environments

You can also read the accompanying article here

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