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‘The Basics’: Dates & Booking

Course DateLocationSpace Available
10th April 2021North Marston, Bucks, MK18 3PPNo
8th May 2021Stockgrove, Linslade, LU7 0BBNo
22nd May 2021North Marston, Bucks, MK18 3PPYes
12th June 2021Ashridge, Herts, HP4 1LT No
10th July 2021North Marston, Bucks. MK18 3PP No
14th August 2021Stockgrove, Linslade, LU7 0BB No
11th September 2021Ashridge, Herts, HP4 1LT No
9th October 2021North Marston, Bucks. MK18 3PP Yes
13th November 2021Stockgrove, Linslade, LU7 0BB Yes
11th December 2021Ashridge, Herts, HP4 1LT Yes
If these dates do not suit your availability, get in touch and we can arrange something!

To book yourself onto one of the courses above, or to find out more, please use the below enquiry form.

Booking Process and cancellation policy

What happens when I book a place?

To book a spot, you need to get in touch using the enquiry form above. From there we will make sure your course of choice is definitely available before we confirm availability and arrange payment. Once payment is received you will be officially booked on the course of your choice and you will receive a confirmation email with further details about the weekend and what you will need to bring.

What happens if I cancel my booking after paying?

Depending on the notice you provide, we will arrange a refund for you. Please be aware that the percentage of the refund depends on the notice we receive.

3 weeks before course: 100% refund

2 weeks before course: 50% refund

1 week or less before course: 0% refund

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