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Level 2: ‘Beyond Basics’

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Do you already know the basic skills required to get from A to B with a map and compass but want hone in those finer details? Do you still lack confidence in your skills to get outside and lead the way?

Come along to our Beyond Basics Navigation Course and develop your skills. This course will help you understand exactly what you’re looking at when you compare the 2D map to the 3D world and how to use it to efficiently plan your journey.

Boost your confidence, reduce that worry and get outside!

Beyond Basics 2

Course Information

Course Cost: £50.00 per person

This intermediate navigation course is a full day practical course with the aim of providing you with all the intermediate skills and knowledge to help you explore the great outdoors of the UK and beyond!

This course is ideal for those who have basic knowledge of navigation and want to develop and build on it. Beyond Basics helps you contextualize the shape of the landscape and terrain to assist with your navigation.

The courses are located across a variety of areas, encompassing Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. These counties are the perfect living classrooms and playgrounds to learn and practice the basic essentials, setting you up to explore the rest of the UK in confidence. There will be an element of theory covered in the morning, refreshing the basics in detail, and then we’ll soon be off to explore the area on foot.

Course Dates

This course is run on every second Sunday. Go here to find the next available course and to get booked on.

Course Syllabus Overview

By the end of the course, we expect that you will be able to:

  • Relate small hills, small valleys, prominent re-entrants and prominent spurs to their corresponding map contours. Use prominent hills, ridges, spurs and valleys as a means of navigation in good visibility.
  • Use landforms and point features to orientate the map and as collecting and catching features.
  • Deviate briefly from a compass bearing to avoid obstacles or difficult terrain and accurately regain the original line.
  • Measure distance on the ground in varied, open terrain using timing and pacing and make practical allowances for any discrepancies.
  • Simplify legs using coarse navigation, attack points and fine navigation.

If that all sounds very daunting and scary, don’t worry! We are very friendly and approachable and will happily go over things with you time and time again until you feel totally happy and confident.

Beyond Basics 3

Questions & Answers

How long is the course?

The Beyond Basics Navigation Course is one full day. Please arrive at the location for 09:00 and be ready to start at 09:15am and finish at approximately 17:00.

What should I bring?

It is highly recommended that you bring with you:

  • Outdoor walking gear (including good waterproof jacket and trousers)
  • Comfortable worn in walking boots or walking shoes
  • At least 1L of water for each day and a packed lunch and snacks for the trail
  • Suitable clothing: warm layers, spares, woolly hat/sun hat, gloves, sunglasses
  • We provide maps and compasses for you use during the course but if you have your own, then bring them along.

What do I need to know before I attend your course?

Ideally you should already have a good basic knowledge of navigation. If you can perform the variety of skills listed on ‘The Basics’ course here, then you should be OK!

What happens when I book a place?

To book a spot, you need to get in touch using the enquiry form over here. From there we will make sure your course of choice is definitely available before we confirm availability and arrange payment. Once payment is received you will be officially placed on that course and you will receive a confirmation email with further details about the dayand what you will need to bring.

What happens if I cancel my booking after paying?

Depending on the notice you give us, we will arrange a refund for you. Please be aware that the percentage of the refund depends on the notice we receive.

3 weeks before course: 100% refund

2 weeks before course: 50% refund

1 week or less before course: 0% refund

Can I do it by myself?

The maximum number of people to attend the course is 8 You can do this by yourself or bring some friends along but they must be booked on too.

1:1 courses are available by request but the fee will be slightly higher.

Can I do it in a group?

Group bookings are available and can be organised directly through

How much does it cost?

  • ‘Beyond Basics’ is £50.00 per person

Can I bring children?

Sorry, but we do ask that you leave children at home.

Can I bring a dog?

We absolutely love dogs at, however some of the course locations do not, so unfortunately we ask that dogs are left at home too.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

You certainly do have the option to get a certificate for attending ‘The Beyond Basics’ course. This isn’t an official recognised qualification though. For that, have a look at our NNAS Bronze Award.

How do I know if it’s the right course for me?

If you have previous experience in navigating with a map and compass but only know the basics and want to build on your skillset and improve your confidence in your ability to navigate using natural features, then this is for you. You may want to compare the skillset listed above to that listed in ‘The Basics’ course to double check.

How fit do I need to be? How far will we be walking?

A moderate level of fitness is all that’s required for ‘The Beyond Basics’ course. Most of the course is done on foot and it will involve plenty of walking over a variety of terrains in all weathers. You should be able to comfortably walk several miles over the period of day – you do not need to be a marathon runner!

If the course is fully booked, to give everybody a fair chance to learn the skills and lead the group, you should expect to be walking no more than 10 miles (15km) over approximately 6 or 7 hours.

To get booked onto this course, head over here.

If you are interested in this course but would like to know some more about it, please get in touch below:

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